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Come take a flight with Captain Black Magnet & Captain Phillip Rest-A-Sure every Monday as we explore pilot TV shows that never made it to series. 

Aug 14, 2023

S40 ‌EP10 “PART 2 of EP400”‌


On this episode of Couch Pilots Blake and Jason continue our final flight though these friendly skies. We have a music filled episode as we look into the unknown and wonder what it would be like to have had a final episode of “The Sixer Podcast” with host Kembo Slice. We continue the party with more music, laughs, and beers as we enjoy that would be final episode of “Drunkin Lullabies”. Join us for Part 2 of this continental flight to celebrate the conclusion of Couch Pilots. 


**‌NEXT‌ ‌WEEK:‌ PART 3 of EP400**‌