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Come take a flight with Captain Black Magnet & Captain Phillip Rest-A-Sure every Monday as we explore pilot TV shows that never made it to series. 

Sep 12, 2022

S36 ‌EP03 “THE TV SHOW”‌



The‌ ‌Captains‌ ‌review‌ THE TV SHOW. This is a great episode for sure. We have Blake S. on the show again and we also have an amazing interview with @theharryshearer who is one of the stars of the show. Jason, Blake, and Blake talk about Rob Ryner, Yanni, ESPN, bowling, and of course The Sugarhill Gang. Please make sure you come check out a great, long, and entertaining episode. 

**‌NEXT‌ ‌WEEK:‌ TLC**‌