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Come take a flight with Captain Black Magnet & Captain Phillip Rest-A-Sure every Monday as we explore pilot TV shows that never made it to series. 

Jul 31, 2023




This week the Captain’s review Harry Batt a failed british pilot from 2007. We are joined by our record holding guest Matt along with his wife Heather in her first ever podcast experience. This is a deep episode. Alot of great conversations about difficult topics. We discuss Matt’s new venture JOURNEYLOFI on youtube. We deep dive into quilts, being called daddy, and hear the phrase “YUCK MY YUM” for the first time. We also discuss Heather’s current battle with cancer and Matt and Heather’s tough decision about their remaining frozen embryo. Come take flight in our last “Regular” episode of Couch Pilot. Join us tomorrow for Part 1 of our 4 part final episode of the show. 

**‌NEXT‌ ‌WEEK:‌ PART 1 of EPISODE 400**‌